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"Hi Larry, The information on your websites, the self esteem mini course, the book Softhearted Woman Hard World that I purchased and read, has helped me make huge changes in my marriage.

I was already doing a lot of work on myself and your information was the icing on the cake so to speak to get over the hurdle and get onto the runway to success.

Life has truly turned around for me and I am very grateful that Google led me to find your site and I have recommended you to many people and I wish you every success as I find your information gets to the core of the problems in marriage and can be the switch that is required."

Kind regards,
Maria Lamaras


"Larry, I am though, VERY, VERY, happy to inform you that our marriage has taken a 360 degree turnaround. I am confident that your training played an important part in that, along with other factors.

My husband often sends me messages saying how great he feels to be in love with me again, I never tire of hearing that.

Life feels so good knowing that our marriage is strong (perhaps stronger than it's ever been) and as a couple we can face whatever comes our way. Being apart is the only thing we find difficult now, which, as you know, hasn't been the case for several years.

Thank you Larry for all the support you have provided me, especially during those very dark times, I shall remain eternally grateful that I found you."

Kris Betra


My wife and I are currently separated and I am trying to reconsile with her. Before i could hope for any positive communication I had to get control of my emotions.

I was making every event negative. I was creating my own fears and making it impossible for her to see anything positive in me.

The 7 Secrets Mini course helped be gain control of my emotions and helped me start to relax a little more.

- Greg



Thanks Larry.

It was very helpful. I am trying to free my self from negative feelings.

I feel little better after reading all ur 7 secrets to let off go the negative feelings.

It was very hard for me to let go the past.But now i am trying to do.

Thanks again.

- Taranjot



Free Marriage Advice

Listed below are the various types of free marriage help Larry Bilotta has have published on the internet. Because his mission in life is to help as many couples as possible, there is absolutely NO cost associated with any of the resources below.

Free 60 Minute Strategy Session Phone Call with Larry Bilotta

It’s as if it happened overnight – and you never saw it coming. And now it’s up to you to “save your spouse” from the chaos that’s happening in his or her life…

If your spouse is overwhelmed by a midlife crisis, you’re not dealing with a “normal” person anymore.

Traditional marriage counseling won’t work. Books won’t work; even positive behavior-based courses won’t work. Don’t bother asking your spouse to work on the marriage with you…you’ll get a big “NO!

 “Once size fits all” marriage programs won’t cut it in a situation like yours. So what DOES work?

Discover What Works and Register for a Complementary Strategy Session


20 videos

Get 20 Videos Answering your most pressing questions about marriage!

When is a marriage over?

You'll get answers to questions like...

Check How To Move Past an Affair and Rebuild the Trust Again..
Love letters, apologies and flowers just won't do it. Discover the unconventional way to overcome an affair that really works! Uncover the cause of the affair, the cure and the one question you SHOULD be focusing on once the trust has been broken.
Check The No-Fail Way To Approach Your Spouse About Marriage Help...
Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just approaching your spouse and asking him or her to go to counseling, or go through a marriage course with you. If you go about this the WRONG way, you will destroy ANY chance you have of your spouse participating with you at all!
Check How To Cope With (and Restore) a Sexless Marriage...
Intimacy is one of the first things to go in a troubled marriage. Don't fall into the trap of believing that a sexless marriage is irreversible! Discover the 4 things women are looking for and find out what intimacy is REALLY about for women - it's not what you might think. Learn what these are and you've got your road map for marriage success!

Once you sign up for the video series, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to all 20 videos so you can immediately apply the free marriage advice you learn.

The videos are as follows:

Video #1: "How Do I know When My Marriage Is Really Over?"

Video #2: "Can Free Marriage Help Online Really Help Us Get The Passion Back In Our Marriage?"

Video #3: "My Spouse Is Having An Emotional Affair, What Can I Do?"

Video #4: "My Spouse Already Filed For Divorce. How Can I Stop It?"

Video #5: "How Can I Save my Marriage After an Affair?"

Video #6: "My Spouse Told Me I Love You, But I’m Not in Love With You. Is this Permanent?"

Video #7: "How Long Should I Try to Save My Marriage Before It Doesn't Make Sense Anymore?"

Video #8: "What is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?"

Video #9: "How Do You Fix Your Marriage Problems When Your Spouse Won’t Speak To You?"

Video #10: "How Can I Approach My Spouse About Going To Couples Counseling?"

Video #11: "Does Couples Counseling Really Work?"

Video #12: "I’ve Tried Everything, But Nothing Seems To Work. How Can I Get Through To My Spouse So I Can Save My Family From Divorce?"

Video #13: "I'm Stuck in a Bad Marriage. How Can I Save My Self Esteem When My Spouse Puts Me Down?"

Video #14: "Can I Save My Marriage Alone Even if My Spouse Was Involved in an Affair?"

Video #15: "What is the ONE Thing I Can Do that Will Have a Dramatic Effect on My Unhappy Marriage?"

Video #16: "My Spouse Wants a Divorce and Says Our Kids Will Be fine. What Are The Effects of Divorce On Children?"

Video #17: "I Am Willing To Do Whatever it Takes To Save My Marriage Alone, What Should I Do First?"

Video #18: "Can Marriage Improvement Books Help Save My Marriage? What Are the Best Books Out There?"

Video #19: "How Can I Restore the Intimacy in My Sexless Marriage?"

Video #20: "I Want To Save My Marriage, Where Can I Find Something That Will Make a Difference in My Marriage NOW?"

Click Here To Get Instant Access To The 20 Videos


Have You Ever Wished You Could Just "Shut Off" Your Negative Feelings?

Learn the foundation of instantly eliminating your negative feelings....FAST.

7 secrets ebookThis FREE 7-Day Email Mini-Course Will Teach You:

  • How to improve your self-esteem by "shutting off" your negative thoughts the moment they appear.

  • How to keep bad feelings like jealousy out of your life.

  • How to get other people to treat you better.

  • Why focusing on improving your attitude actually makes your life harder.

  • How to find the quickest path to get peace of mind in spite of your circumstances.

  • How to stay clearly focused by shutting off the "mindless chatter" in your head that creates worry and stress.

  • And much, much more!

Click Here For Instant Access To The 7 Secrets Mini-Course


Secret path to divorceREPORT #1) The Secret Path To Divorce

Most couples don’t know how to recognize when they’re on the Secret Path to Divorce until it’s too late. This report will help you learn how to recognize the warning signs so you can do somehting before your spouse reaches the Point Of No Return.

After reading this Special Report, you will:

  • Find out about the little-known secret of entering a marriage with “Ultimate Expectations” (The longer these remain unknown, the greater your chances are of divorce.)

  • Discover the startling statistics about how your divorce may be putting your child in danger both mentally and physically.

  • Never have to worry about an affair taking place. (It is just another predictable step on the path to divorce)

  • Discover why romance over-sells and marriage under-delivers.

  • Understand that there is still hope for your marriage – But only if you understand the 5 Melt Down Signs that lead to divorce.

  • Find out why going to the professionals doesn’t always work.

Get Your Copy Of The Secret Path To Divorce Here


REPORT #2) How Men and Women Can Find and Fulfill Their 2 Greatest Needs Before It's Too Late!

Special reportThis report gives you a specific "action plan" you can use to start meeting your spouses needs, starting today! Unmet needs are one of the MAJOR reasons marriages fall apart in the first place - and also one of the driving forces behind affairs.

In this Special Report, you'll also learn:

  • A Safe Way To Talk With Your Spouse About Important Issues WITHOUT Arguing Or Confrontation.

    (Most couples' marriages fall apart because they simply stop talking. When every conversation leads to an argument, it's time to try something new. You'll learn one of the keys that are necessary to communicate WITHOUT conflict in this report.)

  • A Little MISTAKE Most Struggling Couples Make - That Can COST YOU Your Marriage.

    (This mistake is often a "deal breaker" that causes one spouse to completely give up hope on the marriage. Don't become another statistic by falling into this trap!)

  • How To Identify Where You're At In The 5 Phases Of Marriage That Lead To "The Point Of No Return"

    (You need to understand the 5 Phases of marriage that couples experience from the time they become engaged… right down to the bitter end BEFORE you even attempt to save your marriage. If you misjudge the severity of your marriage problems, you could end up pushing your spouse out of your life for good!)

  • The Fundamental skill you must have to be HAPPILY MARRIED.

    (This mistake is often the "deal breaker" that causes one spouse to completely give up hope in the marriage. Don't become another statistic by falling into this trap!)
Download The Special Report "How Men and Women Can Find and Fulfill Their 2 Greatest Needs Before It's Too Late!"

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